Wyrd Work

If you’ve read previous posts you probably know that I made an oath to write a book for the betterment of Heathenry and have it ready for publication by August 22, 2016 – one year from Rod Landreth’s memorial. I have decided to write about modern Heathen women. To that end, I’ve been conducting a lot of interviews recently with Heathen women throughout the US and abroad. The conversations have been incredible! I already feel that my practice has been enriched by hearing about other women’s experiences! I just finished a ritual that incorporated a few different techniques that was so powerful my head is still buzzing! And I promise, no mind altering anythings have been ingested today. I just combined spinning yarn, galdering/chanting, and dance. I won’t say what my intentions were, at least not until I see a result either way, but I think this may be an entirely new ritual of need that will be part of my practice from now on.

I still have many interviews to go, but I would love to have a wider pool of experiences to pull from in my research. I’m mostly interested in personal practices. If you would be interested in being interviewed for my book or would just like to get more information to consider, please write to me at [email protected].