Gift to Njord

I’ve never been much of a beach person, but I decided to take my hubby to the coast for his birthday. We went to Hilton Head, SC and, of course, it was cold and rainy nearly the whole weekend. I decided to give a gift to Njord while I was there. We walked down the beach a ways and I took off my shoes, rolled up my britches and walked out into the very cold surf. I called on Njord and tossed a handful of coins into the water, at which point all the sea gulls (or maybe albatross, not sure which) started paying attention. Then I threw a very yummy French pastry out into the water and I suddenly had all the birds’ attention. I was standing in the surf, my hands up toward Asgard and a congregation of gulls fluttering in front of me. My husband said he was too mesmerized by what he was seeing to get his phone out to take a picture. One bird in particular fluttered at head-height almost as if he/she were actually listening to what I was saying. It was pretty cool. I don’t know if Njord heard me, but it sure felt like he did.