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Last year my dear friend, Rod Landreth, suddenly passed away. At his memorial, I oathed to write a book for the betterment of Heathenry that would be ready for publication in exactly one year. I spent a few months interviewing 39 people, primarily women, from North America and Europe, then spent a good deal more […]

Wyrd Work

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If you’ve read previous posts you probably know that I made an oath to write a book for the betterment of Heathenry and have it ready for publication by August 22, 2016 – one year from Rod Landreth’s memorial. I have decided to write about modern Heathen women. To that end, I’ve been conducting a […]

“Dancing Days Are Here Again”

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When I started this blog a couple of years ago I was exploring a confluence of things that are important to me. Since then I’ve spent time working a piece of land that didn’t want to grow anything other than azaleas and chickweed. I’ve helped organize regional Heathen gatherings. And I’ve moved to a new […]

Hurricane Katrina & the Red Hammer

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Once in a while Jotuns walk Midgard and when they do we call them by name: Andrew, Sandy, Danny, Irene… Katrina. It was just over ten years ago that she devastated the Gulf Coast. I remember pacing my crappy apartment, watching the news, and feeling totally helpless. The Red Cross was collecting food, water, and […]

Farewell, My Friend

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A month and ago I received a terrible phone call: one of my best friends, Rod Landreth, had suddenly passed away. He was home, sitting in his recliner, getting ready to watch a movie with his husband, Jason, when he collapsed and was gone. The medical examiner determined he had a massive heart attack. He […]