It’s been a while…

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I know I had said on the podcast that Lauren and I would be continuing the podcast when I started back to school, but that proved more challenging than I anticipated. I’m sorry about that. I miss doing the podcast, I just have no time to find guests, come up with questions, do the interview, […]

American Alfar

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Recently I gave a presentation on ancestor worship among modern Heathen women at Trothmoot. Diana Paxson had been kind enough to give up her spot just so that I could speak. After my presentation was over, Diana spoke about something that she’s been thinking about a lot, the American Alfar. Diana told us that on a […]

Sheathenry Podcast, Episode 1: Dancing in Heathen Context with Salena Glassburn

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A few months ago I published my book, Sheathenry, Volume I: Ritual Practices of Modern Heathen Women, which was based on interviews I conducted with 39 Heathens (women and a trans man) throughout North America and Europe. I was working on a deadline so I decided to divide the material into two books. I’m glad I did since […]