Completing a Yule Oath

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One of the best, and sometimes most challenging, ways to build your luck is through keeping your oaths. The Heathen view of luck is much more complex than the way that we use the word in our modern English and is a little more than I want to go into at this moment (possible future […]


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A couple of days ago I read a blog post, Veiling: A Different Take on Pagan Womanhood, which intrigued me for several reasons. 1. I have studied early medieval textiles and fashion for years and wrote my Master’s thesis on the subject. 2. When I was in Europe I was heavily involved in Medieval recreation. […]

Saying Good-Bye

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Heathenry, or Asatru, is a reconstructed religion based on what we know of the indigenous traditions of Northern Europe. We read tons of books, archaeological reports and articles, and join with others to build communities of like-minded people. We grow as we build our relationships in our tribes and kindreds, sometimes finding in them the […]

Change of Season, Time for Warding

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It is currently autumn in South Carolina. As the seasons shift and the weather becomes cooler, it is time once again to ward my house. I haven’t yet celebrated Winters Night since it hadn’t actually cooled off here, at least it hadn’t until a couple of days ago. With the cooler temperatures I had a […]