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Last year my dear friend, Rod Landreth, suddenly passed away. At his memorial, I oathed to write a book for the betterment of Heathenry that would be ready for publication in exactly one year. I spent a few months interviewing 39 people, primarily women, from North America and Europe, then spent a good deal more […]

Wyrd Work

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If you’ve read previous posts you probably know that I made an oath to write a book for the betterment of Heathenry and have it ready for publication by August 22, 2016 – one year from Rod Landreth’s memorial. I have decided to write about modern Heathen women. To that end, I’ve been conducting a […]

Hurricane Katrina & the Red Hammer

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Once in a while Jotuns walk Midgard and when they do we call them by name: Andrew, Sandy, Danny, Irene… Katrina. It was just over ten years ago that she devastated the Gulf Coast. I remember pacing my crappy apartment, watching the news, and feeling totally helpless. The Red Cross was collecting food, water, and […]

Farewell, My Friend

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A month and ago I received a terrible phone call: one of my best friends, Rod Landreth, had suddenly passed away. He was home, sitting in his recliner, getting ready to watch a movie with his husband, Jason, when he collapsed and was gone. The medical examiner determined he had a massive heart attack. He […]

Spring Fever

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It has been a few months since I last posted. I’ve been very busy getting garden beds built and planted.       My hubby and I also got four little chicks which will grow into laying hens.   My flurry of spring activity is nearly complete. It will then be time to sit back […]

Completing a Yule Oath

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One of the best, and sometimes most challenging, ways to build your luck is through keeping your oaths. The Heathen view of luck is much more complex than the way that we use the word in our modern English and is a little more than I want to go into at this moment (possible future […]